Quirky Things to Do in Toronto

Toronto is a modern, bustling city with a wide range of modern attractions and sights including museums, galleries, sports venues and shopping malls. But if you know where to look, you can enjoy some only-in-Toronto activities. Take the World’s Shortest Ferry Ride If you have flown into the Billy Bishop

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Why I Travel

“Why would anyone leave Cape Breton?” My ninth grade English teacher tilted his head and starred at me. In his hand, he held the books I would need to continue my studies while my family and I went on a voyage to the Caribbean on our 35-foot sailboat. I didn’t

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Why I Write

When I was around seven, I fell in love with the show Little House on the Prairie. I identified with the character of Mary, the older sister of the main character Laura. This was mainly because I was a blonde and my little sister was a brunette, just like the

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