LinkedIn is a social media tool that many of us are familiar with, and may even have a profile posted, but few of us know how to use it to its full potential. So, I was thrilled when Mindflash posted a LinkedIn Bootcamp infographic.

During Toronto Social Media Week back in February, I was lucky enough to meet with a representative from LinkedIn Canada for a personal review of my profile. Of all the advice I got, here are a few tips that you might find helpful too.

  • Include a picture of yourself as this shows that you’ve taken your profile seriously and didn’t just sign up because someone told you it was a good idea.
  • Use a professional head shot for your profile picture. This is a professional network, so a holiday snap shot doesn’t exactly portray a professional image. If you can’t afford to hire a photographer, wear business attire and get a friend to shoot a head and shoulder shot in good light, using a camera (or camera phone) with a high resolution.
  • If you are a freelancer or principal of your own company, it is a good idea to list key projects and/or clients, as this will increase your credibility.
  • Increase your connections. Think about all the people you have worked with or networked with in the past and create a personalized invitation to include them in your network. You can use LinkedIn’s connection tool to see your contact’s connections. But, take the time to write a personalized message instead of using one of LinkedIn’s canned messages.
  • Join groups. This is a great way to expand your network and learn about developments in your industry.

LinkedIn Bootcamp Infographic by Mindflash

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