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If I started blogging today, I would…

Make a commitment to blogging

I’ve actually had two other blogs before starting the blog here on my own domain. My first blog was on Blogger and I think I wrote a total of 18 posts between 2005 and 2009. Consumed with building a career in communications, I didn’t give myself time to pursue my own writing.

Pick a platform and stick to it

After not making much of a go of a blog on Blogger, I decided to start a new blog on This one was more successful in that I wrote almost 100 posts between 2009 and 2012. Having used both Blogger and WordPress, I don’t think one is necessarily better than the other, although I like the WordPress interface best.

Blog at my own domain

Joining the Blogathon Challenge was the impetus to finally start blogging at my own domain name. I’ve launched a freelance writing career and am currently writing a memoir, and I need to start building my platform. I wanted one place for my portfolio and blog.

Have the guts to put myself out there

In my first couple of blogging attempts, I was actually really nervous about putting myself out there. I didn’t tell people I had a blog and I didn’t join blogging challenges. But through the Blogathon, I’ve learned that the best part of blogging is the sense of community that develops. I’ve discovered new blogs and kindred spirits, and the comments I have received have been supportive and encouraging.

I can’t wait to keep building connections through my blog!

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