About Me

Welcome! I’m a travel writer and photographer based in Toronto, Canada. This is my blog/portfolio where I share stories and images from my travels around the world and around the corner.

I’ve been writing personally and professionally since I was a teenager. My first article, about a family sailing trip, was published when I was 15 years old. This was followed by poems in two youth magazines, and, just as I was finishing high school, I had an opinion piece published in a local newspaper that led to a change in a school board policy.

I went on to university and journalism school, but somehow lost the confidence to tell my stories. I pursued a career in corporate communications, first for non-profit organizations and then for the government. I was writing, but not telling stories that were important to me.

Now I spend my days working in a government agency and my evenings and weekends writing and pursuing mini adventures around Toronto. I’m never without a notebook, pen and a camera (an iPhone 7+ and a Canon DSLR).

Travel has always been a big part of my life. When I was 14 years old, my parents sold our house and car, and moved the family aboard a 35-foot sailboat named Marita. My mother, father and sister spent the next year and a half sailing  down the East Coast from Nova Scotia to Florida. We spent six months cruising the Bahamas before wintering in Florida. We returned to Canada via the Erie Barge Canal through New York State and sailed across Lake Ontario to settle in Prince Edward County. I’m currently writing a memoir about this experience.

These days, my own travels are more urban than rustic. I enjoy walking the streets of cities such as London, Amsterdam and San Francisco, exploring museums, galleries, architecture and historic sites and love spending time in cafes and make a point of trying to eat and buy local when I travel. You can read all about my travels and favourite spots in Toronto on my blog.

A Few of My Adventures