Introducing The Writer’s Planner


I have a confession to make. I have tried every type of electronic calendar out available and didn’t like any of them. I began way back when with a Palm Pilot synched to Microsoft Outlook before graduating to a succession of BlackBerrys. When I left my corporate job, I left all of those devices behind and began my love affair with iPhone. I’ve tried multiple calendar and To Do apps, but none have been as satisfying as paper. Paper is flexible and tangible. Everything I need is all in one place and I don’t have to switch between multiple apps, worry about the battery dying or my information mysteriously disappearing into the cloud. I know I’m a paper nerd, but there is just something so satisfying about ticking off a task with a pen and paper.

Then came the challenge of finding the right paper planner: bound or binder? Daily, Weekly or Monthly? Space for notes and other forms? After trying a couple of paper planners, I finally settled on a Filofax A5 (a Chameleon for those in the know). I like that the paper is a good size, but the binder is still small enough to be portable.

As a writer, none of the preprinted forms seemed to meet my needs. I wanted a place where I could record my daily writing goal, along with pages written or word count, along with all the other aspects of my life – appointments and tasks.  I’ve been testing them out for the last couple of months and now I’m sharing them with you!


The Writer’s Planner includes:

  • Daily Calendar with a space to record your writing project, along with appointments and tasks
  • Weekly calendar in two formats, vertical and horizontal
  • Monthly calendar on two pages, with monthly tasks and notes on the reverse
  • 5 Area Plan – an idea I borrowed from Creating a Life Worth Living by Carol Lloyd. You can plot key tasks for up to five projects or areas of creativity (such as novel writing, photography, etc.) for six months out.
  • Goal Planning – record your goal and the steps you need to take to achieve that goal
  • Project Planning – similar to Goal Planning, this form gives you the space to record the details of a project
  • Submission Tracker – keep track of your writing submissions to print or online publications
  • Books Read – keep track of the books you’ve read and rate them.

The Writer’s Planner comes in both Letter and A5 (half letter) sizes. 

The best part is The Writer’s Planner is free. Just sign up for my monthly Story Notes newsletter below and you’ll get the Planner as soon as you confirm your email.

I’ll be sharing how I use these forms in the Let me know what you think of them. Share your thoughts in the comments below, or on social media by using the hashtag #writersplanner.


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