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Just over a month ago I started a full-time job, after pursuing freelance writing and web design for a couple of years. There is a certain ease to having a job—I show up, do what is asked of me and every two weeks I get a pay cheque.

The first couple of weeks was especially hard. I’d work all day and then walk home. I was so tired that all I could think about doing was having dinner and then watch a bit of TV before going to bed.

Now that I’ve adjusted to my new schedule, I’m not nearly as tired, but I’m still adjusting to having less time to pursue my writing, read books, go for walks and generally invite inspiration into my life.

I don’t have the time to just led inspiration arrive when it wants to and now I have to deliberately make time to seek inspiration and pursue my creativity.

Here are a few ways I’m seeking out inspiration in the small moments throughout the day.

I’m not a really a morning person, but I try to give myself enough time each morning to write in my journal before I head out to work. Taking a little time for myself first thing in the morning has been hugely rewarding.

I walk to work so use that time to listen to music or podcasts on my iPhone. I also try to give myself enough time so I can stop and snap a photo if I feel moved to do so.

I eat my lunch at my desk so I can use my lunch hour to leave the office and go for a walk, browse a bookstore or even go to a nearby library to do a little writing.

I’m fortunate to work in an office that discouraged overtime, so I’m free to leave the office by 5 p.m. every day. This means I always have my evenings free to pursue my writing. Sometimes, I find myself watching TV, but I’ve been watching programs I would have considered before. For example, I just finished watching the first season of The Magicians, based loosely on the novels by Lev Grossman.

I also try to not structure my evenings too much. That way, if I want to crawl into bed early with a book or a magazine I don’t give myself a hard time about it.


One of my favourite magazines is Bella Grace and I’ve been lucky enough to have my writing and photography published in past issues. Right now, I’m reading and savouring the latest issue while curled up in bed and sipping a cup of tea.

I’m taking part in the Bella Grace Blog Hop and I have a copy of Issue #7 to give away! To enter, simply leave a comment below and answer this question:

How do you seek inspiration?

Contest extended! Leave a comment by April 29. I’ll draw the winner on April 30. I’ll mail a copy of Bella Grace anywhere in the world!

* Don’t forget to check out the Grace Notes blog for more inspiration!

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