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    8 Movies That Inspire Travel


    I will confess that I read more books than I watch movies, but I do have a couple of favourite movies that have inspired my travels and just might inspire your next trip too.


    AmelieAmelie is an innocent girl living in Paris who decides to help others and finds love. The movie captures Montmartre in gorgeous colours. This is one of my favourite movies, both for the story line and the cinematography. I haven’t yet been to France, but I can tell you that Montmartre is very high on my list! (French with English subtitles).


    Eat, Pray, Love

    EatPrayLoveBased on the memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert, the movie captures the taste, spirit and beauty of Italy, India and Indonesia. I haven’t been to these three countries yet, so I don’t know if the depiction is accurate, but I can’t wait to travel to all three countries. I actually enjoyed the movie a little more than the book.


    One Week

    OneWeekThe main character discovers he has cancer and responds by buying an old motorcycle and going on a cross-Canada road trip from Toronto to Tofino, B.C. The movie is essentially a love letter to Canada and captures the idiosyncrasies and beauty of the country perfectly.


    The Motorcycle Diaries

    MotorcycleDiariesThis movie, based on a real diary, is about a road trip from Argentina to Mexico by the man who would become Che Guevara. The journey transformed him into a revolutionary after witnessing the poverty and exploitation of the people of South and Central America. It is particularly poignant to realize that the conditions Che Guevara witnessed in 1952 haven’t improved very much.


    Under the Tuscan Sun

    TuscanSunAfter divorce, a woman moves Italy, buys and a house and restores it. Along the way, she restores herself and her capacity to find love again. The movie is nothing like the memoir of the same name by Frances Mays, so enjoy both.


    The Adventures of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert

    PriscillaTwo drag queens and a transgender woman take a road trip across the Australian outback and get into all sorts of adventures. It is gorgeous and funny.



    Seven Years in Tibet

    TibetBased on a true story, an Austrian mountain climber escapes a British POW camp in India during WWII and, along with another climber finds himself in Lhasa, Tibet – then closed to foreigners. He becomes friends with a young Dalai Lama and witnesses the Chinese invasion of Tibet



    WildBased on the memoir by Cheryl Strayed, a woman walks the Pacific Crest Trail to come to terms with the death of her mother. I will confess I haven’t yet seen this movie, but I loved the book, so I’m looking forward to seeing this movie very soon.


    Need more inspiration?

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